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 Scipio101's Guide For What Not To Do

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PostSubject: Scipio101's Guide For What Not To Do   Wed 7 Oct - 3:51:59

Now you have evry right to eat but if you dont feel like hearing people complain this is what not to do. Never eat and run. And never eat while fighting. Again this is just to avoid be called a newb eater.

Whats far casting some might ask. Well heres my example, If you use ice barrage from a distance and freeze them and you stay that far away you are FARCASTING. Say it with me FARCASTING is BAD.

Bad Language
Even though its hard to not use bad language you shouldnt ever use it. People sometimes get mad and report you plus its a game relax.

Mouse recorders and auto clickers
These can be fake and instead of helping you tey can infect your computer with a virus. This server doesnt allow them so never use them. So if yo download these and get cuaght using them you will be banned.(JUST DO IT YOUR SELF)

Getting stuck out of bounds
To avoid making this mistake dont ever try to follow someone when there real close to a wall that infront of a black out of bounds area. If they follow you you guys are going to have to wait untill you can find a mod to help you. Mods cant be on at all times so you might have to wait awhile which can cost you pking time. Another helpful tip is dont click your mosue to much when enetering the white portal thats what happend to me my guy ran out of bounds.

Multi Log Killing
This is when You log on to a second account with no armor or weapons and you just let it sit there as you attack it. People do this to get lots of items and pk points. The image is one of my reports. I didnt wanna do it myself because its against the rules.


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PostSubject: Re: Scipio101's Guide For What Not To Do   Wed 7 Oct - 4:30:05

nice but, 1. people have the right to eat and run or eat all the time if they want, its the players decission, people eat to get high pk point and kills and low deaths, plus some dont wants to die.
2. autoers are not allowed at all, neither is the autobuyer, now i guess people will download those things if u just presents them that. most server dont allow them u say, specially maaikes, she is banning people straight, then it will be lesser people... autoing isnt allowed in any way.
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PostSubject: Re: Scipio101's Guide For What Not To Do   Wed 7 Oct - 5:41:43

you can eat or run r0fl. What you shouldnt do Is Cry About it.
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PostSubject: Re: Scipio101's Guide For What Not To Do   

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Scipio101's Guide For What Not To Do
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