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 Obama's Price of Peace

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Obama's Price of Peace Empty
PostSubject: Obama's Price of Peace   Obama's Price of Peace I_icon_minitimeSun 11 Oct - 12:14:51

The newspapers are full of it: The Noble Price of Peace goes to Barack Obama. Plus the Noble price, he gets also one million dollars. Obama said he would donate the one million to charity.

But not everybody agrees with Obama of winning the Noble Price. Why does he deserve it? He didn't stop the war! A lot of question marks are placed at all this. Obama did retreat some soldiers out of Iraq, but he didn't end the war.

,,As long as Osama Bin Laden still isn't captured, we can't take the risk of retreating all the soldiers", says an Officer of the USMC. ,,We all know, our soldiers want to go home, to their family. But as long as the terrorists are still working on destroying the western world, we can't afford the risk, of retreating the soldiers out of Iraq and nearby countries. Since the incident of the nuclear factory in Israƫl we're really doubting about it". Obama said he agrees with all this, and doesn't want to take the risk either.

But why are people against Obama? Why doesn't he deserve the Noble price of Peace? Some other people also think it has to do with the fact, Obama is a democratic president. Since the 70's there hasn't been a democratic president. For 30 years, they lead with Republic hand. ,,Bush has messed up. Now Obama has to settle things once and for all. That might be the reason, of him winning the Noble Price of Peace. He did retreat soldiers out of Iraq. He did start the Health Care, which wasn't a great success, but still", says a reporter of the New York Times. ,,Obama does deserve the Noble Price. He's even spending every cent of the million dollars to charity. Bush would have invested it into better weapons for the war in Iraq".

These words are true for about the half of America. The other half doesn't agree with this at all. Why does for example, Unilever not win the Noble Price, or the red cross. We all hope those question marks will be fillen in soon, for my next report.

Gladiator, over and out.

Yes we can!
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Obama's Price of Peace
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