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 Good habbits in game! how you need to act and not! Must read!

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Holyy invokerr

Holyy invokerr

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PostSubject: Good habbits in game! how you need to act and not! Must read!   Tue 13 Oct - 17:08:34

hello, everyone Very Happy . i'm Sander and i'm studying psycholigic at school and i'm getting faced with fights daily. On my school are the pupils always mean to eachother. lucky for me is, that i'm a kind and polite "kid".

Bad Habbits

Sometimes when you are playing long on your computer you get anoyed of lags and other iritating things, mostly little things that are very anoying. like a fly flying around your lamp making irritating sounds! Surprised yes.. it's anoying and i get angry to "after a while". well... in the game it's just the same, ever had the experience that someone d-clawed, dds'd you, eated mutch or runs away while you are pking? thats anoying we all know that sort of things, but what is your reaction?

well.. most of time you all learn that word noob! probably.. Wink
and you all will say it once a time ^^. Ok as long you only say that tiny word is it good. But what when someone comes to you and starts this conversation:


you feel the blood raises your head and you get it warm? Smile

you'll get this reaction.


ok and stop.. [ what you do? you don't realise. you break a rule. but you're angry and anoyed, you want him to dissapear and never come back! ]

well than he says: But i owned you right? so why i'm a bitch than?
[ you can say something like this when someone called you a stupid *****! But the best thing you could do is ignore! ]

but than you get realy pist and want him to cry Sad! and what you do? you make it worser than it already become. You ask help from your friends to come help you [ Wrong! ]


( what you do? you made him very unhappy. but he's smart he ignores you and he laughs inside, "i'm smart and you are not, with losing your patients you broke the rules and i screeny'd you!"


you are banned and you will never get up!! don't act like this! and never lose your patients.

the ppl on the screenshots where a big help ty! they didn't said this for real! they just went to help with my threat!!

Good Habbits

what can you do when someones starts a figth with you? [and if you get angry]

- teleport away. ( when he pm's you don't react or make screenshot from it or put him on ignore list )

- just say something and do what you do, as long you don't break a rule!

- pm a moderator and ask if he want to tele you and the bullyGuy/girl. and talk out the fight so you can be friends.

You can be social in the game or you can be a closed person. do what you like without anoying/hurting other people Wink Be yourself and don't change because of other people.

you can use unimpolite language and make fun without hurting people like this


you use f*ck, s*ck, but you don't hurt feelings.

So be happy!! and make friends try to get social contact with the people around you,so you feel good and don't have to feel sad because of others! There are always people who you can trust and where you can say thinks to " we call it FRIENDS " they are realy important so don't lose them.

-> smile!!
-> be friendly and talk about nice things, be yourself and don't believe everything what is told you ( when staff says you must do Razz ) also respect the staff. look up to them.

when you have a problem and you don't dare to say it to any staff member and you don't trust other people. You can always add me on msn and talk about it, i will never laugh with you and i will search an answer to all your questions. you are welcom with everything, don't be ashamed Very Happy

msn: sander_vanduffel@hotmail.com

thanks to the people who helped me with my guide! and thanks for the people who are reading this threat.

thanks to: kerstman123 , pro status and paul. ( for helping me )

btw: never forget ! Friends are important in your life, if it's virtual or reallife. they stay your friends.

me and alana! jij bent speciaal vr me :Embarassed


me and nick (creative) maatjes voor eeuwig!


thank you for reading! Wink
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Good habbits in game! how you need to act and not! Must read!
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