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 Vampire Slayer..

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PostSubject: Vampire Slayer..   Vampire Slayer.. I_icon_minitimeMon 14 Sep - 18:00:56

Vampire Slayer: Required: spade( can be bought at lumby general store)
Skillz to kill a lvl 34 monster
semi good weapon and armour
Food (If u need it that badly...)

First start the quest by talking to Morgan in Draynor Village.

Vampire Slayer.. 11lu2l10

After speaking to Morgan head directly North of the Village to get to the manor.
When u get to the front gates go northwest till u hit a little farming patch

Vampire Slayer.. 9atfte10

Not too far up you'll see a compose patch dig near it to get a key.

Vampire Slayer.. 9hue0110

Head back around the way u came and go into the Manor. Then head towards a room the farthest northeast. The should be a chest in it Click on it with the key being in your inventory

Vampire Slayer.. Sadad11

Once you have the Garlic and 83 gold you receive still in your inventory head down the staircase behind you
You will see a lvl 34 guy hes easy to kill but u must have what u got from the chest to kill him. The fight should be relatively easy and the reward is 30,000hp exp Yey... You should get a screen similar to this after u kill the guy
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Vampire Slayer..
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