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 Desert treasure..

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PostSubject: Desert treasure..   Mon 14 Sep - 18:16:08

Requirments: 53 thiev and 50 mage

ok 1st off start by teleporting to catherby..

second talk to the catherby king located behind the bank

He will give you a task to get him a cake..

Map to ardogune

ok once you get there thiev from the bakery stall to get a cake

Now go back and talk to the king he will give you a task to get a magic shortbow

Magic Shortbows are sold in archery shop in Varrock But its pretty much bugged now..

now get ready to fight the boss..

Recommend: 43+ prayer and I good range and armor and Food and Prayer Pots..

Prayers needed:..

First Needs: Melee.

Second: Magic.

Third: Magic.

Last But not least:..Melee [He Drains Prayer So be Carefull
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Desert treasure..
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