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 Lost City..

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PostSubject: Lost City..   Tue 15 Sep - 12:57:31

Req's:32 fletching. 36 or 38 Woodcutting. A bronze axe. Ability to defeat a level 101 Tree spirit

Step 1. Talk to the warrior in Beginning Training.

Step 2. Teleport to Falador and walk to the castle, then speak with the Archer.

Step 3. Talk to the squire and go to Entrana. Note: Make sure you have a bronze axe with you!

Step 4. Once you're in Entrana, follow the arrows on the mini-map.

Go To The North-east <333 Farthest Razz..

You should come to a place with an "!" marked on the map.

Now, un-equip everything and go down. Once you're down, follow the pattern until you see level 101 Tree spirit's and a Dramen..


Kill a tree spirit and then cut a log from the Dramen tree.

Go to Lumby and fletch the Dramen log, and you should get a Dramen staff.
NOTEYou MUST kill a tree spirit or you cannot finnish the quest! Now take the staff to (Ill show you in a map.).

Use the Map Above To Find the house.. (Red Line and The red Circle)..

Rewards: Ability To use Dds. And Dls.
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Lost City..
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