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 Knights Legend..

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PostSubject: Knights Legend..   Tue 15 Sep - 21:37:45

Requirements: at least 50 agility, good stats, a load of prayer potions, hardly any food, you will just need to keep your stats level(Using Restore Pots)....

First, teleport to catherby.

Second: Now follow the road heading west straight up into the castle, talk to the king to start the quest

Third: Now teleport to edgeville and head south west, around the bend and then north west up to the black knights fortress.(You should Know this...).

Go inside the fortress and click on the wall, then climb the ladder(s)

Now go down the next ladder and through the 2 doors on the right

Go up the ladder and then down the one next to it.

Go up the ladder and then down the one next to it.

Now follow the path along and LISTEN AT GRILL, its a small rectangular shaped thing on the wall...

Now teleport back to catherby and go back to the king.

The king will now tell you to go to Yanille, This is how you get there from catherby.

When you get to yanille, fill up with prayer potions/super restore potions, super sets and a bit of food.

Now that you are at yanille, head all the way to the other end (west) and dig on the Sand Pit.

Once you are down, go across the monkey bars and then go around the bend(again) and then across the next obstacle.

Now talk to denulth and he will teleport you to the 3 guys you gotta kill, kill them in order, do not skip any.

Sir Carl: Level 62
Ability: Drains prayer.

Sir Jerro: Level 62
Ability: Drains prayer and Strength.

Sir Harry: Level 62
Ability: Drains ALL combat stats (att,str,def,range,mage,prayer)
[Be Careful]...

Congratulations, you have completed the quest!

I got alittle help on this xD
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Knights Legend..
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